Spoilt for choice

A way to turn a simple search into an experience

We also plan to set up a digital catalogue to make the user experience in the actual showroom more complete. The software designed by our technicians will make it easier and much quicker to search for products thanks to the simplicity and completeness of the information displayed and a UX/UI designed to create a product experience. In other words it will lead the user on a sort of journey around the product itself to learn more about it. Moreover, for the first time ever, users will be able to contribute actively to the quality of their choices and therefore achieve exactly what they want through a series of services. These include colour cataloguing of our specimens, which will make them easily recognizable and available, and their updating on the basis of the raw materials they are made of. It will also be possible to contact our craftsmen and work together with them in order to create tailor-made products if the catalogue versions do not meet your tastes.

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