For over half a century we have been

a leader in design of comfort

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Our comfort brings
balance to your life:
this is our way of giving
value to your time

For over half a century, our latex foam and polyurethane fillings have allowed us to create pillows and mattresses that do not waste precious time in your life. The comfort our products provide during the night help you restore the energy you need to live your days to the full and take on the challenges of the modern world. As a result you can seize opportunities and take advantage of situations at the right moment which could prove to be decisive in your life and which you might otherwise miss.

Over half a century of development

our history



The quality of our brand and its features was now recognized worldwide. It was therefore time for certification to attest our value officially.


New offices

The plant which opened in 2010 was redesigned to house the administration and management offices in a more efficient way. A total restyling of the façade allowed the inauguration of a new showroom.



GommaGomma was founded over sixty years ago as a manufacturer of high quality latex blocks. Our technology, production lines and customers have changed, but our reputation for excellence remains.



These were the years when plastics were about to start spreading worldwide. We anticipated the trend by opening one of the first polyurethane production lines in the industry.



New production lines need more space. We found a new site near Milan and started up the first latex mattress production line.


Latex pillows

In order to complete the product range, mattresses were followed by pillows in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to adapt to various personal needs.



Our quality standards and our variety of products have allowed us to become part of Eurolatex, an association that brings together the best latex manufacturers in Europe.



GommaGomma anticipated trends and created its own line of visco-elastic memory foam products, which gained an ever larger market share over the following years.


Birth of Extrapur

When memory foam took off as a real fashion, GommaGomma was ready to launch Extrapur, its own brand of slow memory foam, which is still today one of our best-selling lines.



One plant was no longer enough. The production lines were divided between two sites in order to optimize space and technology. The new facilities also boasted a new warehouse.



Thanks to our long-standing ability to anticipate needs, GommaGomma launched Watergel, a new highly breathable foam able to provide an immediate feeling of coolness.


New Waterair

To increase the breathability of memory foam - the product's long-standing Achilles' heel - an open-cell slow-memory foam called Waterair was launched.


Natural Latex

Everything derives from natural latex. The time was ripe for an old product to return to the fray. One hundred percent natural latex is probably the best aid for rest in terms of technical characteristics.

We are proudly

Italians in each
one of our fiber

Our products are rigorously certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 by internationally accredited laboratories, and are all 100% Italian. Thanks to their high quality, their characteristics make the finished products extremely non-deformable, hygienic and hypoallergenic.

Our certifications


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