Sleep safe from bacteria and viruses

HealthTech: a new technology to protect sleep

Gommagomma has always been the most advanced in the field of hypoallergenic materials and antimicrobial techonology used on sleep surfaces.

The events of the last few months have further increased the request, from consumers and manufacturing companies, for ever greater safety and guarantees on protection from the action of pathogens and bacterial contamination.

This demand can now be satisfied: the new memory foams and 100 % natural latex with technology HealthTech produced by Gommagomma are in fact the first able to protect the surfaced used for the rest from bacterial contamination, including sars-cov-2; with proven efficacy tested and certified in the laboratory of polymer engineering and the molecular medicine department of the University of Padua.

HealTech technology is activated with body heat: it’s virucidal activity begins as early as 15 minutes after entering into contact with the surface itself, becomes continuous after 30 minutes and total after about 60 minutes, also reducing the risk that bacteria and viruses spread again from contaminated surfaces. Test then demonstrated a feature important linked to a very practical aspect: the effects of Healthtech foams used for mattress and pillows in fact it doesn’t undergoes changes even with surfaced covered by jersey pre-liners.

This new product also represents an opportunity to get to know the innovative characteristics and properties of so-called active materials, or those materials able to interacting with surrounding environment and improving the characteristics thanks to their physical and chemical composition; products that represent a kind of avant-garde technology for the realisation of everything that surrounds us.

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